Friday, September 30, 2011

guest post: cinnamon maple muffins!

when i was staying at my parents' place a couple of weeks ago, i made some gluten free muffins and set them on the counter. the next afternoon, they were gone. i figured someone had moved them - most likely to the trash but maybe to the pantry. turns out, they had been relocated into everyone's stomachs in a matter of hours. this, i realized, signals a recipe worth repeating. 

gluten free baking, as i've mentioned before, is a rare treat for me. the necessary flours can be difficult to locate in german supermarkets, so i'm always giddily overwhelmed by the selection of such baking ingredients stateside. in the last few weeks, i've been reveling in the muffin-making joys of coconut flour. it's a drier flour, so you need to add in a fair amount of moisture when baking with it. but if you can strike that right balance, it'll make you wonder why you'd ever try another flour. 

this week, i'm honored to be sharing the recipe for my coco-flour cinnamon muffins on the wonderful blog of an old childhood friend (and now culinary inspiration!): regina rae. her recipes not only exemplify the ideal of natural, whole foods, eclectic cooking, but her humility and humor always keep me coming back for more. so head over to regina's gorgeous blog to check out the recipe, and while you're there, don't forget to poke around - you may come away with a recipe (or ten) in need of testing out in your own kitchen.